Smart Roadster 452

Smart Roadster 452 - A sporty convertible with a distinctive design

The Smart Roadster 452 is a two-seat convertible that was produced between 2003 and 2006. With its sporty looks and small size, the Smart Roadster 452 was popular with many drivers. In this article we will look at the key features and characteristics of the Smart Roadster 452.

  1. Design: The Smart Roadster 452 is known for its distinctive design. The vehicle has a low body and a rounded shape that allows it to drive through narrow streets and curves. The convertible roof opens and closes quickly, allowing the driver to enjoy the beautiful weather.

  2. Engine: The Smart Roadster 452 was equipped with a 0.7 liter three-cylinder engine that produced between 60 and 82 hp. The vehicle's low weight combined with the powerful engine enabled rapid acceleration and agile driving behavior.

  3. Equipment: The Smart Roadster 452 was available in various trim levels, including the standard version, the Brabus version and the Brabus Xclusive version. The Brabus version offered more power and a sportier look, while the Brabus Xclusive version had additional features such as leather seats and air conditioning.

  4. Safety: Although the Smart Roadster 452 is a small vehicle, it was equipped with a variety of safety features. These include ABS, ESP, airbags and a high-strength safety cell.

  5. Availability: The Smart Roadster 452 was only available for a short period of time and was discontinued due to production issues. Although there are no longer any brand new models, used models are still available on the market.

  6. Driving pleasure: The Smart Roadster 452 is an entertaining and sporty vehicle that is known for its agile and maneuverable character. The driver can enjoy the driving experience with the open roof and fast acceleration.

Overall, the Smart Roadster 452 is a unique and entertaining vehicle that was popular with drivers due to its sporty looks and agile handling. Although it is no longer manufactured, used models are still available on the market and can be a worthwhile investment for anyone looking for a fun and sporty vehicle.

If you are looking for a used Smart Roadster 452, you can find different price ranges on the market. The price depends on various factors such as the year of manufacture, the number of kilometers, the features and the general condition of the vehicle.

For example, a used Smart Roadster 452 from 2003 with around 100,000 kilometers on the clock and in good condition can cost between €3,000 and €5,000. However, a new Smart Roadster 452 Brabus Xclusive from 2006 with a mileage of less than 10,000 kilometers can cost up to €20,000 or more.

However, it is important to note that buying a used Smart Roadster 452 can also involve risks. Some of the models may have engine problems or other technical problems that can be expensive. It is therefore advisable to have the vehicle inspected by an expert and take a test drive before buying it.

In conclusion, the Smart Roadster 452 is a unique and entertaining vehicle that has been popular with motorists due to its sporty design and agile handling. However, if you want to buy a used model, you should pay attention to the price and have the vehicle thoroughly inspected to ensure that it is in good condition.