We offer a dealer guarantee for our engines.

Warranty conditions:

In addition to the statutory defect rights to which you are entitled, we grant you a 2 or 4 year guarantee, or 25,000 km or 40,000 km, whichever comes first, on the goods advertised with the guarantee promise. The period for calculating the guarantee period begins on the invoice date. Our guarantee extends to the Federal Republic of Germany. If material or manufacturing defects occur in the goods you have purchased during this period, we will provide you with one of the following services at our discretion within the scope of the guarantee:

  • free repair of the goods or
  • Free exchange of the goods for an equivalent item

In the event of a warranty claim, please contact us as the guarantor:


Magdeburger Str. 21-23

47800 Krefeld

E Mail-Address:

Tel.: 02151 4866267

Warranty claims are excluded if the goods are damaged by:

  • abusive or improper treatment
  • Environmental influences (moisture, heat, overvoltage, dust, etc.)
  • Failure to observe any safety precautions
  • Failure to follow the operating instructions
  • Use of force (e.g. punch, push, fall)
  • unauthorized repair attempts

Furthermore, warranty claims are excluded if the following points are not adhered to:

  • The guarantee can only be accepted by Smartparts24 if the motor has been professionally installed in our company or in a master workshop.
  • The client only has warranty claims against Smartparts24 if an oil change is carried out on the vehicle after 1,000 km after installation or collection at our premises or in a master workshop and this is also documented. Invoice and proof of service must be presented for warranty claims.
  • After the repair, the vehicle must be run in for the first 1,000 km, which means warming up the engine properly and not overstressing the vehicle when it is cold.
  • The entire vehicle must be in good technical condition after the engine has been installed, i.e. no oil loss from the turbocharger or no defective engine mounts.
  • When installing the engine, all seals and consumable parts for the engine's attachments must be replaced.
  • The guarantee expires in the event of any intervention in the engine technology (opening the engine / the parts we have installed), as well as in the event of any increase in performance, whether directly in the engine technology or changes to the engine control system (software), as well as in the event of any change in the standard condition of the vehicle (influencing gearbox/engine)
  • All service intervals/repairs on the vehicle in third-party workshops must be carried out on time and documented.

In order to claim the guarantee, the engine must have been diagnosed in a master car workshop or has obviously been diagnosed.

The collection of the vehicle in the event of a warranty claim or the date (date of collection from the customer) can only be integrated into the existing tours / collection and work plan at Smartparts24 and cannot be determined by the client. This also applies to the execution and duration of the repair.

The guarantee is not a mobility guarantee, which means that we do not provide a rental/replacement vehicle in the event of a guarantee and do not bear any costs for rental/replacement vehicles. Neither during the repair time at our company nor during the waiting time until collection from the customer/re-delivery to the customer. Even if the customer incurs further costs in connection with a breakdown of the vehicle during a warranty claim, Smartparts24 is not obliged to reimburse any costs that arise in connection with the breakdown.

In order to make use of the guarantee service, you must allow us to check the guarantee case in advance by sending in the goods. It is important to ensure that damage during transport is avoided by using appropriate packaging.

To apply for warranty service, you must have a copy of the original invoice and a copy of the warranty certificate. We ask for your understanding that we can refuse warranty service without providing this copy of the invoice and certificate. Sending the copy of the invoice is used to calculate the guarantee period.

If it is a legitimate warranty claim, the warranty will be processed freight free for you. Any costs you may have incurred will then be reimbursed by us.

Smartparts24 is represented by owner Giuseppe Avolio.

(As of May 1, 2022 Krefeld)