Exchange parts / old parts

(As of June 12, 2019 Krefeld)

When ordering replacement parts, Smartparts24 charges the customer an additional old part deposit in addition to the final price.

Old parts to be replaced must be handed over by the customer to the delivery address provided by Smartparts24 within 30 days of delivery or handover of the replacement part, free of charge and fees. If the old part is handed over late, Smartparts24 is entitled to retain the old part deposit in full.

The old parts must be in replaceable, i.e. H. be in a condition that can be reconditioned and reused and correspond to the replacement part delivered in terms of number, pattern and completion. In the case of exchange units, the old part must also be in the same condition as determined when the exchange unit was sold. The old parts must be free of defects that cannot be attributed to proper and intended wear and tear, in particular free of breaks, cracks and/or severe corrosion damage. They must correspond to the series condition. The old parts must not come from accident vehicles. Old parts that were used in motorsports, racing or at competitive events (e.g. tuning competitions) are excluded from exchange.

Smartparts24 transfers the old part deposit and the old part value to the account details provided by the customer within 60 days of receipt of the old part.
If the condition of the old part handed over by the customer deviates significantly from the requirements in accordance with the above-mentioned defects, Smartparts24 is completely exempt from the obligation to repay the old part deposit and pay the old part value. At the same time, Smartparts24 is entitled to dispose of the defective old part; Any disposal costs that exceed the old part deposit will be borne by the customer.

Ownership of the old part to be replaced is transferred to Smartparts24 upon handover. The customer assures his unrestricted power of disposal over the old part to be replaced. The customer can only return as many old parts as he has similar replacement parts Smartparts24 has acquired.