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Smart Fortwo 451 yaw rate sensor Bosch ESP A4515420118 / 0265005625

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A yaw rate sensor Bosch A4515420118 / 0265005625 for a Smart Fortwo 451 is offered.

OE number/ comparison number
A 006 542 42 18
A 451 542 07 18
A 000 905 57 00

It is a used spare part which is in good condition. The delivered component may differ slightly from the product image and show signs of storage.

100% genuine
This spare part is a component of the vehicle manufacturer Smart / Mercedes-Benz. It is therefore not a post-production of inferior quality. This spare part was installed in a vehicle during production by the vehicle manufacturer.

We would be happy to help you with the installation.

important information
In most cases, the stored vehicle list is only for orientation. Therefore, please always pay attention to the same manufacturer number. We would also be happy to use your vehicle identification number to check whether it is the right component. To do this, simply contact us.

All attachments or screws can be purchased from us. We carry items from brand manufacturers.


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