Klimaanlage Desinfektion Smart

Disinfect air conditioning at Smart

Does your air conditioner stink or is the cooling capacity no longer sufficient?

In this case, disinfecting the air conditioning system is recommended. This article will introduce you to disinfecting the air conditioning system to give you a sense of the importance of maintaining the air conditioning system and why bad odors can occur.

To ensure that your air conditioning system does not pose a health risk and that the cooling performance is optimal, it should be serviced and cleaned regularly. This article provides you with all the information you need for efficient disinfection with cleaning foam.

Drying the evaporator before disinfection

Regardless of which method is used to disinfect the air conditioning system, both methods clean the evaporator as well as the air ducts and shafts. However, it is essential that the vaporizer is dried before disinfecting. First of all, the heating is set to the maximum temperature. The air distribution is then set to recirculation and the highest level is set. In this constellation, the heating is left running for five minutes. The air distribution is then switched to the footwell. In this constellation, the engine and heater should run for another five minutes.

Cleaning foam as an efficient solution

There are different methods for disinfecting the air conditioning system in smart vehicles. According to a common understanding, the use of cleaning foam is more thorough. This is because it is used directly on the evaporator. Bacteria and fungi usually accumulate on the evaporator. Although disinfecting with cleaning foam is a bit more complex, since you have to know exactly where the evaporator is installed on the vehicle in order to be able to reach it, it doesn't mean too much effort for us, who are trained in it.

Advantages over the cleaning spray

Cleaning sprays are very aggressive chemicals which can damage the interior of the vehicle. Leather interiors in particular can discolour or react in other ways when using a cleaning spray. In addition, cleaning sprays are not always tolerated by allergy sufferers or asthmatics, which is why particular caution is advised. In this case, the ingredients should be studied in detail and discussed with the doctor. If we disinfect your air conditioning system in your Smart, you don't have to worry about damaging the interior materials or intolerance to existing allergies or asthma.

Use of cleaning foam for disinfection

Before cleaning foam can be used for disinfecting, the pollen filter is removed by us and, if necessary, either cleaned or replaced. Our trained employees, who know the instructions for use and the special features of the cleaning foam used, now grab the cleaning foam and get to work:

All of the cleaning foam is sprayed directly onto the evaporator by our employees. To do this, the employees use a long hose to reach the evaporator directly. The cleaning foam is then left to work for around 30 minutes. After the cleaning foam has taken effect, the engine is started, the ventilation nozzles opened and the air conditioning switched on at full power and the coldest setting. In order for the active ingredient to fully develop and distribute, the air conditioning and the engine must run for a while.

Do you want to disinfect your air conditioning on the Smart? Make an appointment with us easily.