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Smart Motor Problems: What is a Smart Replacement Motor?

New engine for your Smart!

Has your Smart suffered engine damage? But you don't want to throw it away, but rather get it back in shape with a completely overhauled engine? - Then you're at the right place! We analyze the current condition of your vehicle and, after a careful diagnosis, install a new engine in your Smart! We incorporate the highest level of quality and 15 years of experience. Of course, all strict specifications and guidelines for engine repairs are adhered to. – Guarantee included!

To help you find your way around, we would like to answer the most important questions on this topic in advance.

What exactly is engine damage and how can it be recognized?

As with an illness, damage to the engine can also be identified by various “symptoms”. Does your Smart consume significantly more water or oil and do you therefore have to refill it more and more frequently? Do you also notice that the engine runs “roughly” and that engine performance decreases? Maybe your little car even emits a strong wave of oil when starting? - Then you should pay attention! These signs are often the first harbingers of such damage!

Reasons for the increased oil consumption can be defective oil scraper rings or a broken partial load ventilation. But a valve stem seal that no longer works or a defective turbocharger can also cause this problem. Oil consumption often increases to up to one liter per 1000 kilometers! Although the engine of your Smart will continue to run at this level for a while, the performance will decrease significantly.

What should definitely be done in the event of an engine failure?

So if you discover these “symptoms” on your Smart, you need to act quickly. Give your vehicle a comprehensive check to diagnose impending engine damage. If it is determined that a cylinder is no longer working properly, engine damage is the diagnosis. In order to save your vehicle, a replacement engine must be installed.

What is a replacement engine?

A replaced engine means that the engine of a vehicle has been repaired. This replaces an identical original motor and is also known as an AT motor or ATM. There are standards and regulations for these in Germany.

Engines must be maintained to strict quality standards to continue to be reliable. A number of wearing parts are replaced. These include, among other things, seals, pistons and valves, etc. Other components are taken over and reused for the replacement engine. This applies e.g. B. for the fuselage or the head of the engine.

A defective engine is completely overhauled and repaired by honing and slightly boring the cylinders, replacing the bearings and overhauling the cylinder heads. The mileage does not change because the remaining components of the vehicle have already traveled the route shown. To ensure that the value of a car increases after installation, the date of installation and the kilometers driven beforehand are recorded in a service booklet.

What services can you expect from us?

If you decide to get a replacement motor from Smartparts24, you will receive the following services from us:

We provide you with replacement engines that have been overhauled to a high standard. 

The overhaul of our engine means dismantling, cleaning and testing all components, if necessary a proper and professional revision and / or a replacement of new parts as well as the later assembly. This includes in more detail:

  • chemical and manual cleaning of the engine block, crankcase and head, 
  • which are also completely overhauled, planned and sanded.
  • Drilling and honing the cylinders, 
  • Oversized pistons new, 
  • New piston rings and piston pins, 
  • new timing chain, 
  • New oil pump timing chain, 
  • New chain rails
  • and gears new, 
  • Check crankshaft for cracks, impact and hardness, 
  • Polish, grind and, if necessary, balance the crankshaft. 
  • Check camshaft for cracks, impact and hardness, 
  • polish camshaft,
  • New crankshaft bearing shells, 
  • New connecting rod bearing shells, 
  • new oil pump, 
  • New oil filter.

Only parts from well-known manufacturers are purchased and installed, such as Viktor Reinz.

Guarantee included!

In addition to the possible installation of the replaced engine and the high-quality parts required for it, you will also receive a 24-month guarantee from us, more precisely up to 25,000 kilometers (whichever comes first). We optionally offer a 48 month guarantee. You can read further warranty conditions on our website.

So if you notice that your Smart:

has an oil consumption,
An oil shaft is drained when starting
or the engine should run “roughly”.

Then act quickly and visit us! We'll give your car a proper inspection and find out what's wrong with it.

In the event of engine damage, we will take the necessary precautions to provide you with a replacement engine. In accordance with all regulations and standards as well as with 20 years of experience, we will get your Smart device fit again!

We are looking forward to your visit!
Your smartparts24 team